Ferrari Restoration

Ferrari 330 GTC

Ferrari Restoration

This is a 1967 Ferrari 330GTC restoration please visit our site for more details
Ferrari 330 GTC Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Marc King says:

    Too high air humidity cause : moisture blisters, mating gloss & pure
    Go to read ‘identifying & eliminating paint defects’ and see what chemical
    says, Modern spray boots has dehumidifier. You are doing like painters
    from 1969.

  2. racerxf12004 says:

    great video. great car. thanks for posting.

  3. Mac Gyver says:

    what paint had you use for this beautiful car? Glasurit?

  4. Ma Che Cazz says:

    Excellent, very smooth panels, very.

  5. Masikoira says:

    I respect the effort that you have seen in restoration! This car deserves
    to be restored to get it former glory! Thanks for sharing!

  6. MrJasonjevans says:

    fred i have now watched all your videos and your one hell of a painter,
    nice to see you like the iwata sprayguns

  7. phil mcrevis says:

    glasurit is a good product but i always say red should always be clear over