Ferrari F430 with Straight Pipes Exhaust INSANE SOUND!!

Ferrari F430 Noise

Ferrari F430 with Straight Pipes Exhaust INSANE SOUND!!

Ferrari F430 with straight pipes exhaust, insane sounds on the track, accelerations and more again!! “Like” my Facebook page:…
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ferrari f430 noise question by : Of the 3 sportscars which one is the most fun to drive?
Lotus Exige S240
Ferrari F430 Scuderia
Chevrolet Corvette ZR1

I’m debating on which one I’m going to get when I get rich.
Who has driven all 3 of these cars and which one is the most fun to drive?

ferrari f430 noise best answer:

Answer by Hotrod021075
I have not driven the f430 but i have exp. in similar models. I would have to say the Lotus Exige s240. Car 1; ZR1-NIce engine great exceleration and very fast but takes corners poorly.
Car 2;F430-Nice all around except the interior. I have not driven this car yet but i have seen pictures and i have an older model and the interior is a mess.
Car 3: Lotus Exige-GREAT ALL AROUND The sound is very nice and the acceleration is great. The thing that seperates this car from others handling. I dont know if you are going to take this car on the track but if you do this will kill. If you are just driving around then the Ferrari. IF you are just STUCK on American muscle then ZR1

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  1. Christopher Gerbasi says:

    Who is driving this car? This guy sucks balls. his entry sucks his line
    sucks and he needs to sell that and get a prius.

  2. zerooneonefive says:

    GTR’s are fast but have absolutely no character and are dull, ferrari is
    ALL character as are most if not all european sports cars. and in all
    honesty, I’d take a vette over a GTR cause even Corvettes have character.

  3. TheFinest Castro says:

    Nissan GT-R R35

  4. Does straight pipe have a cat?

  5. it can beat them at speed. But is is only a Nissan, so who cares? it will
    never look as good as a ferrari…

  6. Marie herbé says:


  7. Evandiego16 says:

    Great sound! Although his/her exit around the corners could be cleaned up a

  8. modblogger1 says:

    Sounds just like my GTI with a glass pack.

  9. kristien43 says:

    well actually mate I i have a level 1 engineer qualification

  10. xXHEELTOEXx says:

    I love your comment…But it is absolutely critical that you note 2
    things… 1. Maserati MC12…Sister company of Ferrari and the MC12 is
    basically a spawn of the Ferrari Enzo.The MC12 was built on the same
    platform but is only slightly more aerodynamic and a slight bit larger. 2.
    Ferrari Enzo is fully road legal, and its’ Nurburgring time(7.25) is
    superior to the 2009 ZR1s(7.26. Jim Mero.), every year of the GT-R35(7.26.
    Nissan set.), and the Zonda F CS(Semi wet). Thanks. Goodnight.

  11. philly624 says:

    Corvettes were so good that since 1999 they dominated the GT classes that
    when the GT1 Z06 and GT2 ZR1 were released they needed to bring the power
    down to be able to stay within class and even after that they were still
    raping Ferrari, Porsche, Aston, and so on. You so sure about that Ferrari

  12. F430 looks at the back, 430 Scuderia bumper at the front, 430 Scuderia Rims
    (exactly like in this video) + Straight Pipe Exhaust (also like in this
    video) Now that’s my Dream Car ;D

  13. Viper ACR 7:12.13

  14. Old Man Dirt says:

    You can find reviews of all of these at the Top Gear (BBC) site.
    All three are up there in performance, but all are different in approach on the concept of what a car should be.
    For beauty, and being all dressed up, the Ferrari. You have to be very rich for that one.
    The other two are more for those who are well to do but not rich.
    The Corvette has a lot of brawn and can flex it muscles very well. It takes the most skill to extract the best times out of this one on a track or winding road.
    While the Lotus is the closest of the three to a real sports car, well balanced, and posed.
    So if you had to buy a car that only the rich can afford, it has to be the Ferrari, the other two will get you confused with those more common.
    If you want to make a lot of noise and scare your passenger, get the Corvette. Driving one of these is a thrill a minute.
    However if you want to enjoy a sports car in raw basic form, get the Lotus. The problem is that you will not get the recognition of every one knowing you are rich.

  15. Stupid Flanders says:

    The Corvette ZR1.

    The Lotus is really overrated and the Ferrari is just gaudy.

  16. === spending big bucks may not always be the answer to “”fun to drive”" == just for grins so to speak __ go and drive the new 2011 Mustang and see what a nice car that it is today=== and you say well it isn’t what I want == just test drive ,, please …. buying a car to look good may not be the way to go … fast and fun do require some test driving and selection… there are some hot BMW’s that are fast and easy again === test them out