Ferrari Agostini Auto Junior Mondial cabriolet

Ferrari Mondial

Ferrari Agostini Auto Junior Mondial cabriolet

A three HP Italian Agostini Go Kart starts off heading down the street.
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ferrari mondial question by f1 fan: Should i save up for a ferrari mondial?
im 15 and soon to get a job and i really want a ferrari mondial. i hear there about 20-30k and if im good with my savings. i can get one

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Answer by Ryan S
Really? Your 15 and want a Italian exotic. For 20-30k can get you a brand new car for that. You have no idea how expensive they are to maintain, and parts would be super expensive. Its old but its still a Ferrari. Plus it doesn’t matter if you are good with savings, it would take you 3+ years to save up 30k on minimum wage. And that’s not including any other expenses. And insurance, would kill you alone. Wait until you have a good paying career before you get one.

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  1. To be honest a Ferrari is waste of money, if you want a nice car get a used Mercedes C Class or BMW 3 Series for that price range, :) .