FERRARI ACCIDENT Japan Highway 2011 512 TR 330 F40 348 360 Spider

Ferrari 348 Spider

FERRARI ACCIDENT Japan Highway 2011 512 TR 330 F40 348 360 Spider

2011 December 4 Japanese Highway Crash Numerous Ferraris and other Italian sweeties F1 Ferrari Lamborghini Japan Highway Wreck Accident Crash Smash Up Sports…
Ferrari 348 Spider Video Rating: 3 / 5

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  1. Panah Rad says:

    Ouch … Ferrari accident in Japan …

  2. Samuel Sanders says:


  3. Patrick-Emmanuel Boulanger-Nadeau says:

    Now that’s some damage!

  4. Bob Laituri says:

    Screw the nuclear problem….lets go race our Ferrari…

  5. animedaisuki69 says:

    Ferrari x8 Lamgorghini x1 OMG!

  6. BankruptGM says:

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  8. Guys its just fail TOKYO DRIFT=D

  9. 可哀想に…

  10. Mrbasshead411 says:

    @cortexvisual same here that was awesome

  11. danji kyushu says:

    toyota prius is known to reckless drived car in japan. it runs faster than
    sports car in highway of japan.

  12. Bestundesun says:

    If I wanna buy this salvaged car how do I buy them ??

  13. Robby303 says:

    @sornoffkiller congrats to you for being the biggest racist loser on
    youtube. You’re a disgusting loser. I’m not even asian but would love to
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  14. keifu22 says:

    Asian drivers is very broad. Japanese drivers are much better than China or
    Korea or any other drivers in Asia for that matter. 35 hours of classroom
    lessons, 35 hours of driving lessons to get your license here. Oh and it
    costs about 3000 US dollars. I think you learn a thing or two about
    driving. Btw to the Japanese drivers here the Americans or foreigners here
    have the reputation of being horrible drivers. Say what you want in your
    own country.

  15. papafather84 says:

    oh no.. super car..