Ferrari 458 vs Ferrari 430 – Top Gear – BBC

Ferrari 458 Speciale

Ferrari 458 vs Ferrari 430 – Top Gear – BBC

Jeremy borrows James’ Ferrari 430 for a drag race against the new £170000 Ferrari 458. But how will the 458 handle round the track with the Stig behind the …
Ferrari 458 Speciale Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Ferrari 458 Speciale question by Star: Ferrari 458 Speciale vs…?
Which other car would you spend your money on? Not allowed to say I’d rather spend on 2 other cars, just choose 1 car.

Ferrari 458 Speciale best answer:

Answer by Tony
Another 458 Speciale.

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  1. tillallareoneluv says:

    Being a passenger in a Ferrari is terrifying. My daredevil friend did this
    super car tour in the United States where you drive a bunch of exotics with
    other people along a route. I bet it is great fun as a driver though. I
    need to be in control myself.

  2. Cornelius Allen says:

    The 458 Italia is one very good looking car (especially in person), but the
    new Lamborghini Huracan is a looker too. I don’t know which car is better

  3. I cant explain it but i have too big of a dong.

  4. CommanderStatix says:

    Jeremy is doing what I do all the time in Forza 4. 

  5. kaan ozelcam says:

    Ferrari’s are the best

  6. 458 looks better in person, my friend has it in white, I have driven it
    many times….visually it’s just about the best looking sportscar ever

  7. i saw the 458 speciale at the ferrari museum in maranello and it’s even
    better!!!that’s an incredible car!

  8. Charles8352 says:

    It isn’t James car because at 0:44 the number plates different

  9. SuperCarClassics says:

    Wow, great video, hope I can film this car for my channel one day!

  10. Fast Stang says:

    My dream car!!!!

  11. joel750 says:

    You’re actually better off getting a Hennessey Viper GT car instead of this
    probably for the same price and the GT would make mince meat out of this
    car. Not hating here but there ARE some better & more affordable cars than
    a Ferrari.

  12. So wait why couldn’t May drive his 430 any more? :P 

  13. Jason P says:

    he says the rear is so planted but in the mclaren video he says the 458 is
    just sliding…shows that ferrari just pays him money for a good review

  14. Marco ElePiccoleScalate says:

    The taste of driving! For someone, the time lap is the most important thing
    - “Hey look my new jet with 4 motors and 2000 hp, completes the circuit in
    2 seconds flat!”… uhm, yeah, please give me my burning be… ehm, my 458

  15. Specop Killah says:

    Still my all time favorite Ferrari

  16. Richard Hurr says:

    I’ve driven a 430 Spider. That was pretty amazing but I want a 458! 

  17. Jordan Reed says:

    Only Ferrari I would buy period.

  18. Johnny Midnite says:

    The Stig sure has a funny taste in music. That song was gust hilarious!

  19. You must test 458 Speciale AND ABSOLUTELY LaFerrari. And I underline You

  20. oscarspartan117 says:

    One of the best car reviews especially since the chemical brothers song is
    in this :) 

  21. Vernon682 says:

    F430 looks better.

  22. alex florence says:

    Ferrari makes UK’s sportcars so….. so…. aged 

  23. Callum McInerney says:

    IT’S OVER 9000!!!!!

  24. NSXShockwave says:

    …And when the 458 replacement comes out in how ever many years Jeremy
    will call the 458 “stupid”. 

  25. gooseboy78 says:

    caterham 7 or a radical sr3. big fun without the fezzas pricetag and high maintenance costs.

  26. If you asked me I’d spent the rest of the money on an Audi A8L

    You could use the A8 as a daily driver and jump into the 458 on special occasions.