Ferrari 456 M GT with astonishing sound

Ferrari 456 GT

Ferrari 456 M GT with astonishing sound

Ferrari 456 M GT with astonishing sound driving away @ Lippenslane Knokke.
Ferrari 456 GT Video Rating: 2 / 5

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  1. Fredrik Svärd says:

    only good looking ferrarri since the 80s

  2. djphineart says:

    Not if you knew how merc has been taken down in quality since chrysler
    merger. yeuch horrible cheap nasty car. I drive my 456 most weeks and did
    4,000 miles around europe last summer so not a weekend toy at all it is a
    GT (Grand Tourer))

  3. RacerXGTO says:

    456 is a highly under-rated Ferrari.

  4. mrgilamonyet says:

    fer me this and the f40 are the best ferrari`s ever ow and the F1 ferrari`s
    ofcourse haha

  5. george666burzum says:

    Look carefully and you will see the AMG logo on the rear.

  6. crap video name, should have been: ferrari driving astonishingly slowly

  7. Matt Karanouh says:

    @falchard RESPECT.

  8. explosif219 says:

    nope I don’t know where it is, but being from Geneva, this is not

  9. mknight702 says:

    No it isn’t, the 456M doesn’t have the vents in the bonnet.

  10. Christian Clark says:

    awesome car, my dad has one, only thing i dont like are the pop up head

  11. Fredrik Svärd says:

    not to my eyes… but i do understand they’re highly regarded

  12. @retetikker I agree with you. And I still think the 456GT is best looking
    car Ferrari has ever produced.

  13. dat is niet de M

  14. come on, what about the 355 and the 550/575???

  15. bummer…. no astonishing sounds

  16. its just a normal S-class (with AMG rims) …

  17. M-Power Addict says:

    yh it is

  18. ferrarimoat says:

    nice video…. this car is so much exclusive than a simple and rubish
    mercedes AMG… (just for your information ; this is a 456 GT and not a 456
    M GT) ;)

  19. retetikker says:

    If you compare the looks of this car with any new ferrari, the new ferraris
    suck hard…

  20. mercedescl says:

    But if I have to choose a daily car instead of weekend toy, I will be happy
    to stay with mercedes any time.

  21. The quality of MB started to slip a few years before the Chrysler merger.
    Drive a W124 and then follow it up with W210 – shocking and sad.