Ferrari 308 GTB

Ferrari 308 GTBi

Ferrari 308 GTB

Starting ferrari 308 GTB.
Ferrari 308 GTBi Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. joaomachadodesilva says:

    Listen to the cylinders explosion! One of the most beautiful Ferraris ever

  2. PreciousMarioMarin says:

    Yo tenia una VW brasilia que sonaba exactamente igual

  3. DaddybyDefault says:

    Love this car. Engine sounds great.

  4. Shane Phuckyou says:

    @Sarcasticscum Dude, that “x3mlee” guy is a fucking retard lol, Don’t worry
    about his comments man, pretty sure anyone smart who read them will
    understand that he is just a spastic

  5. MrMiguelSR1 says:

    whats the last year they made the 308? did it come in a stick shift v12 ?
    or maybea special/limited edition stick v 12? any please ? :)

  6. Sektor cyrax says:

    @x3mlee its a Ferrari it’ll take it!

  7. divisioneight says:

    @whitbyjet65 : I agree completely. Great curves = class and eternal appeal.

  8. Gorgeous car! Best of luck. I am lost as to the 6 dislikes. How can anyone
    dislike a 308? Why even search for it on Youtube in the first place? Mark
    one big fat LIKE on this car!!

  9. MarquisEstelle says:

    @irishkerry +1

  10. nielsboex says:

    @dattoli101 He does know, everyone knows that.

  11. jimi08jam says:

    no shit bro, gotta let it warm up! …my bro haD a lambo, had a great time
    in it 2005 murcielogo

  12. ThySirAhsan says:

    Damage a clutch while idling in neutral ? This is new.

  13. This “carbs” euro 308 is between is 1977 – 1979. Not a polyester
    “fiberglass” nor dry sump 308. The wheels are the larger 16″ instead of the
    original 14″. The black spoiler over the engine lid is very unusual for the
    year of this car.

  14. redmr2na says:

    Ha ha ha! good one.

  15. MarquisEstelle says:

    @irishkerry You make a good point. But if you didn’t share the video that
    means the idiots would finally win, now doesn’t it? So….post the videos
    and ignore the retarded remarks, or disable comments, or start your own
    video sharing service.

  16. Glenn Carroll says:

    @x3mlee Just, wrong…

  17. chitowncrazylol says:

    Rad Racer!

  18. ThySirAhsan says:

    I mean revving.

  19. HannibalHun says:

    a RH 308? JESUS!

  20. very nice example.

  21. Shane Phuckyou says:

    @x3mlee I agree with Sarcasticscum, Man you don’t know what the hell you
    are talking about lol, You can’t damage a clutch while revving it in
    neutral, as the clutch is not engaged… You’re a retard dude