Exotic Car Show – Start Ups Revs Accelerations Flybys & More

Ferrari 348 Spider

Exotic Car Show – Start Ups Revs Accelerations Flybys & More

Brian records the 100 or more supercars at the 2008 Auto Affair Performance Car Show. The video shows the exotics arriving, at the show, some start up, some …
Ferrari 348 Spider Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Ferrari 348 Spider question by Beast: whatt is the mileage and insurance on a ferrari 348 spider?


that is the car, i want to know how much it would cost for gas if im using it as daily driver(is it possible to use one of these as daily driver?). how much would the insurance be monthly? i live in bergen nj and im 17.
what if i get the insurance on my dads account or something?

Ferrari 348 Spider best answer:

Answer by Harley Drive
12-14 mpg, $ 7500 for insurance or much more

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  21. Don’t worry about, it is very unlikely that a 17 year old would be able to get insurance on such a car. Most insurance companies do not write policies for exotic sports cars for drivers as young as yourself.

  22. It'sSupercharged!2000 says:

    Ah, you’re so funny, my boy! I won’t answer your questions as you’d like, but with one statement. You won’t be buying this car. I doubt you have the money, and even if you do, it would be oh, so foolish. Also, you don’t buy an MR V8 sports car and ask about fuel economy. That’s a non issue. And if you don’t know whether it can be used as a daily driver, you’re obviously out if your depth. I’ll give you a hint about drivability: you’d have a terrible time trying to drive that in the wintertime.

  23. Even on your dad’s insurance (provided they are even willing to add a ferrari and a 17 year old driver on at the same time) plan on spending around $ 1500 a month, if not more, on insurance alone

    Wait until you have to have it serviced (easily into thousands) or have to have something replaced on it. And if you’re using it as a daily driver this will happen. Ferrari mechanics don’t work for cheap and the parts are hard to get and correspondingly expensive. A single fuel injector will run $ 300 for the part alone., $ 500 for single brake rotor, a single 02 sensor for that car is a relative bargain at $ 150.

    Basically there is a reason people unload 15-20 year old exotics for peanuts. They find out that keeping a 15-20 year old exotic car on the road costs about as much as keeping new one on the road.

    Frankly, if you’re concerned about how much it’s going to cost to fuel this car then you don’t have the means for the upkeep, the fuel costs are just the tip of the iceberg, and not even worth mentioning when dealing with cars like this.