Car crash – Ferrari 599 GTO Vs Taxi in Singapore

Ferrari 599 Gto In Malaysia

Car crash – Ferrari 599 GTO Vs Taxi in Singapore

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  1. aditya singh says:

    wow thats hillarious

  2. Ricardo Ferreira says:

    Acidente em Singapura – Ferrari 599 GTO Vs Taxi

  3. Greg Voute says:

    FERRARI 599 GTO … 3 MORTS !

  4. Raul Abreu Leite says:


  5. JOSUE PERAZA says:


  6. Marcelo Damato says:

    Video Impressionante.

  7. José María Saiz Olmo says:


  8. Steven Harper says:

    No one wins

  9. disendangered says:

    Just goes to show that with an amazing, fast car like that you have to be
    careful, know how to drive it, and make smart choices.

  10. alexanderlangrish says:

    Poor taxi driver

  11. MegaRichie10 says:

    Fucking dumbass

  12. lucio10000watt says:

    the name of song?? stupid ferrari driver

  13. 1 word idiot

  14. itsME Zihao says:

    Hey guys. My ah gong said the way the ferrari was heading was to Geylang,
    There was a women and the driver was a china guy. FUCK TAT SHIT

  15. punk ferrari

  16. Bulletguy07 says:

    Not sure how the dash cam guy could stop immediately and safely though
    undoubtedly he did somewhere. Ferrari guy shot a red light and the
    aftermath carnage was horrific (God alone knows what ludicrous speed he
    must have been doing) but yes an instant death was too good for him.
    Absolute miracle his passenger lived. A pity the same cannot be said for
    the innocent taxi driver and his passenger.

  17. At8000RPM . says:

    4 people dead in this, know one is

  18. No walking away from that one.. DAMN….

  19. jpzhouutube says:

    OMG,,,,,sorry for this. this is why I drive green see my channel.