Aston Martin Vanquish vs Ferrari 575 part 1 – BBC

Ferrari 575 Maranello

Aston Martin Vanquish vs Ferrari 575 part 1 – BBC

Part one of two. Jeremy Clarkson heads to the Isle of Wight to pitch James Bond’s Aston Martin Vanquish (without the machine guns!) against the Ferrari 575, …
Ferrari 575 Maranello Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Moreno A. Hassem says:

    Some say his mixer is upside down and recently he’s been found lowering all
    the studio dubs below the background music. All we know is he is not the
    Stig, but the Stig’s sound engineer cousin.

  2. Ian Townsend says:

    I know the gear box is shit but I don’t care 

  3. Peter Spang says:

    i love the vanquish my dads getting one

  4. Tom Jones bending over to pick up the soap … lmao

  5. owenmcburns says:

    “no one talks on the phone in formula one”. a time before talking and
    driving was illegal…

  6. Why is there always a poorly over dubbed music track on these videos that
    drowns just about everything else out?

  7. umar luxat says:

    Ha haa :) )

  8. Alexandre Dias says:

    460 bhp from a 6.0l v12? Today it just doesnt seem enough.

  9. @dks11000 but lots of torque :D

  10. newuser8900 says:

    the vanquish looks so tame in comparison now to the One-77

  11. Ryosuke Bukuro says:

    Could he not left foot brake for the 3-Point turn?

  12. Dante F. B. Colò says:

    also uglier as well

  13. L4xinPa1ntball says:

    Mitsubishi Evo…2 Liter 4cyl…500HP

  14. i love the complication of its gearbox

  15. Herrasmiesvaras says:

    If I was you, I wouldn’t do that. I wouldn’t want to have as much haters as
    he does…

  16. RedandBlackS10 says:

    Alright, I can’t stand it! I have to say it! Some say he was born without
    ears…… Others say when he hears elevator music…….he dances…….
    All we know, he’s called the Top Gear sound guy!

  17. jockejocke1 says:

    1:47 Car or House? I’d take her instead.

  18. James Birdi says:


  19. 11YEARS go??

  20. Daniel Mirzotti says:

    prove it.

  21. GordanMFreeman says:

    0:45 wtf?