700hp BMW E30 Turbo Burnout – Orange Swedish legend

BMW E30 Turbo

700hp BMW E30 Turbo Burnout – Orange Swedish legend

Orange Bmw Turbo Showoff Burning Rubber. 700hp Orange Beast. Eskilstuna var bland den E30 turbotätaste staden i Sverige under 00-talet.
BMW e30 turbo Video Rating: 4 / 5

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BMW e30 turbo question by Abo: how could i add a turbo to my bmw e30?
how can i make it more faster with 1.8v
And what turbo can i use
And how much it price

BMW e30 turbo best answer:

Answer by Mark K-NI
something tells me you wont be doing this yourself lol

It can be done, but alot of fabrication, custom manifolds, oil feeds, air fuel ratio remapping, valve timing etc…. to do it right is very expensive, to do it cheaply will not run properly and will likely self destruct. a low pressure turbo would work with standard engine, but alot of extra pressure on valves and pistons. Most people have forged pistons put in.

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  1. MaulqasmPK says:

    God that car sounded PISSED!

  2. MaxAmaSity says:

    that SOUND!!! WHISTLE SEX!!!!!!

  3. Ebrahim Chikwatu says:

    325is LoL dats my dad

  4. sickbro91 says:

    ow is tat so quiet?

  5. looknfortruth says:

    @TheMrMyBeast or even better,a 600bhp orange e30

  6. omfgwtfbbq90 says:

    and the point of this? any idiot can do this, but it takes real skill to
    drive fast around a circuit and do controlled powerslides etc

  7. TheMrMyBeast says:

    @looknfortruth for sure :)

  8. MrSTELIOS123456 says:

    well why doesn’t the engine blows?

  9. Zetterlund Media says:

    @TheMrdesirable 700hp

  10. TheBraniewo says:

    daje rade :)

  11. Mr22Hyde says:

    THAT can you really call a BURNOUT

  12. Mantas mantauskas says:


  13. papapilo18 says:

    Is it a m50b25 engine?

  14. monsterGAUZ says:

    @MaRijuanaGR m20 are the 6 cylinders and m40 the 4 cylinders

  15. Евгений Осипков says:

    E30 ! Super !

  16. s50b32turbo says:

    min gammla hjälte :)

  17. kmoflot says:

    soo awesome sound ! dude is fucking nice !

  18. findjf says:

    what is that for ? ruin the tires and show off, only kids will do
    that….be mature and go to the track !

  19. ThePlayboyIbiza says:

    Pomóżcie jeśli możecie ! zalukaj.pl/polecony,442714/ Dziękuje tym co wejdą,
    zainteresowanym tez może się stąd coś przyda :)


    nice car but the whistle is extremely annoying

  21. ezichell says:

    fuck very nice bmw good job!!!

  22. Nekronomix says:

    think bmw… WE HAVE THE POWER!!! very nice 1 !!!! w w w.westsidegamers . de

  23. Türstish medias says:

    That Turbo has an engine on it!

  24. Harley G says:

    you can’t make that engine much faster. You’re massively restricted by the 8 valve head. Why don’t you get an E30 318is engine….it’s 1.8 16V with 136bhp.

    Or do what the person above suggested and install at six cylinder engine from the 325i. Do not use the 320 engine; it’s underpowered and bad on fuel.