Audi Quattro Concept official promo – narrated

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Audi Quattro Concept official promo – narrated

More confirmation that Audi will be taking the Quattro model to production has surfaced recently. According to a recent report the Quattro Concept was spotte…
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  1. krocialblack says:

    The 2013 Sport Quattro looks ugly as sin compared to this model. Hopefully
    the production model will look exactly like this 2010 concept, and nothing
    like the 2013.

  2. AM Car Parts says:



  4. Kaneda12 says:

    basically an A5 coupe with the TTRS engine and a different bumper… the
    back looks nice though reminds of the old Audi quattro coupe

  5. Thomas Olson says:

    This is dead sexy. Shame it’s never going to be made. Audi ditched the
    idea so they could make a soccer mom car. Fucking dumb shits. >:

    +Ryan Ratliff 

  6. Lloyd Fellon says:
  7. Leo Novo H says:

    +Audi Motorsport 

  8. @.@ 

  9. Frank Derkenne says:
  10. Victor Sanchez says:

    im in love

  11. Hasrol Rosli says:

    Superb beauty..

  12. Carson Kerr says:

    +Audi Motorsport 

  13. 86nommad says:

    It looks beautiful, and I love the headlights… but the interior looks a
    bit like the 80′s concepts… :( 

  14. Fetullah ÖZEN says:

    Audi is my life.

  15. tatuka pake says:

    mindaaaaa :’( <3 <3 

  16. Jonathan West says:

    Looks like iron man

  17. Florian Meise says:

    #Audi #Quattro #Concept

  18. CleanTuning says:

    #Audi Quattro Concept official promo!

  19. Tugay Elemoglu says:


  20. Chris Bornstein says:


  21. Audi Silver Spring says:

    PLEASE come to the States!

  22. borut linzender says:


  23. DarrySam says:

    I’ve just fall in love 

  24. DRAGONIKification says:

    audi is ugly shit

  25. 吳俊生 says: