Audi URr Quattro Turbo


just having fun in this vid 93octane pump gas 20 psi 512WHP or 640hp on a motor ;D with c16 and 30psi car made 650+whp.
Audi URr Quattro turbo Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Stephen Yoda says:

    YAY, my neck of the woods

  2. Jjānis Krauklis says:

    Yup, 10vt was the engine which started 4×4 turbo cars, and it those sounds
    awesome, except it is very expensive to get them past 500hp mark, and of
    course V10TT sounds incredible, 2X5 cil sound at once ;D

  3. Jjānis Krauklis says:

    In my case they actually r balls, just in case when the car scares the crap
    out of ya and you have no balls left, you look at them and go, ok im still
    ok I can manage this beast

  4. Thisonekidinaz says:

    Those glasses are awesome, they make you look like a mad german scientist!
    Your voice should be like: Zis Audi needz more thrasssst!!!!!

  5. kickassneilum says:

    is this the 5cyl motor?

  6. Ed Barrikin says:

    Super auto, iet vienkārši lopistiski, man pašam ir ACQ 20v, es labprāt
    patērzētu ar tevi: skype, draugos, vai feisbukā, ko teiksi?

  7. truetek88 says:

    Your glasses are badass.

  8. I’d like to see a picture/video of the entire car. Sounds lovely!

  9. Aggro201116 says:

    hette gerne mal bis auf vmax gesehn…

  10. Maxxxshop says:

    Ned Flanders unleashed!

  11. Jjānis Krauklis says:

    comp 70mm

  12. BitchinVR6 says:

    my urS4 goes slightly modded up to 280 on the speedo so i guess your beast
    will be a LIIIITTLE faster :-D

  13. ColDuSack says:

    mph, or kph? sorry buddy, no offense, (i´m only thinking of the car) but
    you should really participate on a driver safety training! Because driving
    single-handed for looking cool, won´t do you no good, if the car brakes
    out! Cold deformation is not cool! And 220 mph is unbelievable! So show up
    with evidence ;) PEACE!

  14. turbonut20v says:

    hey crow just lettin ya know that im building a 94 cs 90 quattro with the
    2.3 20v 7a out of a donor 1990 90 quattro, turbo conversion with alot of
    goodies from 034 motorsports and efi express, as far as ecu/harness what
    would be the best route to go with the turbo conversion? im planning on
    using a precision 6262 turbo, forged pistons/rods, arp studs, mls
    compression dropping head gasket, is the head drilling for the water
    manifold ports absolutely necessary?

  15. Moroth187 says:

    Could watch this the whole day! Nice Camview and excellent sound,pls make
    more Vids like this!!!!!!

  16. Jjānis Krauklis says:

    ha ha yoda u r funny

  17. Sigmundy Freud says:

    BEAUTIFUL video wonderful car.

  18. Jjānis Krauklis says:

    you guys r to funny ;D

  19. ReeallityBytes says:

    And there was me thinking 300 hp was enough.

  20. Jjānis Krauklis says:


  21. Jjānis Krauklis says:

    you can go on motorgeek search fasterthenrs2 or ECM serch crow ;D

  22. Jjānis Krauklis says:

    tnx finaly got it ;D

  23. keep up the good work on your audi and stay safe

  24. Ariel Alonso says:

    Where are the cops?

  25. Mr.Призрачен Ездач says:

    doesnt it sounds like v10? if it was swapped then great job on it!car is